Report: Knicks asked Cavs for Tristan Thompson in Carmelo Anthony trade talks

The Knicks knew they were going to lose Carmelo Anthony at some point this offseason. He had made it clear that he wasn't going to be returning to the team and demanded a trade. New York, meanwhile, just wanted to move on from this whole mess. One of the teams he was willing to go via trade was the Cavaliers.

According to, when the Knicks called the Cavs they asked for a huge return -- Tristan Thompson or one of their first-round draft picks. Cleveland wasn't willing to part with either and that is likely when the Knicks moved on and struck a deal with the Thunder and GM Sam Presti. 

The Knicks wanted Thompson, 26, a center who like James is represented by Rich Paul. The Cavs told them no. Thompson is under contract for three more seasons, beginning at $16.4 million this year. Cleveland was willing to do a deal that would've cleared some contracts off the books, such as sending Iman Shumpert ($11 million this year) and others. 


New York also asked about one of Cleveland's two first-round choices for 2018, and the Cavs weren't about to part with either 

It makes sense why the Knicks would ask for such a high return for Anthony. Even though he's not the same level of player he used to be, Anthony is still a superstar name player and that's not someone that typically gets traded for nothing. However, Thompson is a strong rim protector and not someone the Cavs could choose to part with. He's too important to their defense. 

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