Time will tell if Knicks are more than a pitstop for future free agent Derrick Rose

A year ago, Derrick Rose made waves when, in his first real season back from multiple years of injuries, he talked openly about wanting a big-money contract. A year later, he's in New York and will be a free agent at season's end. He's having a resurgence, even if he looks far from what he was in his prime back in 2011 when he won MVP.

But he's fitting in, and the Knicks actually look somewhat decent, especially the last week or so, which is fueling talk that maybe Rose will make New York a permanent home. Would Rose consider an extension with the Knicks vs. hitting free agency? The New York Post reports that the Knicks are at least open to the idea:

"I haven't talked to them about it,'' Rose told The Post. "It's been more about winning games. We'll see. I'm more concerned with trying to win games, but it's something I'd have to talk about with my family and team.''

According to an NBA source, the Knicks have not approached Rose about an extension, but have not ruled it out for late in the season. The Knicks apparently want to make sure his body holds up across a full season and would be willing to pay more this summer if they had to.

Source: Derrick Rose could play his way to contract security with Knicks | New York Post.

An extension is unlikely to happen. It can only be for three years and comes at a reduced pay rate relative to what Rose can get in free agency. Even if the market for him is compromised following both his injury and the relative PR damage stemming from the rape civil suit trial in which he was cleared of all liability last fall, there will still be enough teams looking to add a star player with his name power, especially if he puts together a decent-to-good season. And the Knicks can't really afford to let a player like that walk after giving up Robin Lopez and the promising Jerian Grant for him.

Derrick Rose in a preseason game
Derrick Rose could be with the Knicks a long time. USATSI

But it does mean that Rose is fitting in with the team culture and could be working toward making New York more than a pit stop on a longer road and instead being the second home he hoped it would be. Plus, Rose knows one thing. Knicks owner James Dolan isn't afraid to spend, or overspend, to get big-name players in a Knicks uniform.

Rose is averaging 16.8 points and 4.9 rebounds on 43.8 percent shooting this season for the 8-9 Knicks.

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