Report: Knicks plan to sign Jimmer Fredette from D-League

Jimmer Fredette is back in the league. ESPN reports that the New York Knicks will sign the former Kings, Bulls, and Pelicans guard to fill an open roster spot. 

It's not yet known if it's a 10-day contract or a full-season deal for the former BYU sharpshooter.

Fredette was once a top-10 pick after his explosive scoring seasons in college, but a lack of size, athleticism, and any discernible skill outside of shooting at an NBA level limited him. He still shows a huge potential to score in bunches, as he did in setting a record for points in the D-League All-Star Game last weekend.

He's also not a bad fit in the Triangle. He can shoot from the corner to space the floor and cut to the rim if left completely open. Knicks fans will undoubtedly love him, as he's a gunner with a big reputation who can get crazy hot from outside. 

Unfortunately, there's a pretty expansive record that shows Fredette is likely not an NBA player. He's 26 now, there's not much room for improvement, and he's not getting longer or more explosive. But he's becoming a stronger point guard, and many have felt that he just needed the right situation and the right opportunity to cash in and translate his incredible shooting skill at the next level. Maybe that opportunity is with Kurt Rambis and the New York Knicks. 

Jimmer Fredette is back in the NBA. (Getty Images)
Fredette broke the record for most points in the D-League All-Star Game last weekend. (Getty Images)
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