Report: Kyrie Irving didn't talk to Cavs teammates for consecutive days in playoffs

The more we hear about Kyrie Irving's experience with the Cleveland Cavaliers last season, the less surprised we are at his trade request that appeared to come out of nowhere a few weeks back.

The latest is a report from ESPN's Dave McMenamin that says Irving was so disengaged during the playoffs that he went consecutive days without even speaking to teammates. Here's McMenamin's response, on the "BBall Breakdown" podcast (20:37 mark of the video below), when asked whether the Phoenix Suns are a realistic trade destination for Irving:

"I'm not sure. Phoenix, of course, hired [former Cavalier] James Jones this offseason. He's been inside that locker room. He saw Kyrie Irving in the playoffs this year -- in between the first round when they beat Indiana and the second round when they played Toronto -- go consecutive days without speaking to a teammate at practice. On that stage.

"It's one thing for people to go through your ups and downs during the regular season. But when you get to the playoffs, the main thing is the main thing, and we're brothers, and we're pulling together to get this thing done. Even at that level, there were things that made him sullen or reclusive from his teammates."

As McMenamin notes, the timing of Irving's silent treatment was curious, to say the least.

Previous reports have suggested Irving was unhappy when he heard his name mentioned in trade rumors involving Paul George and Jimmy Butler earlier this summer, but it appears the dissatisfaction may go back farther. Cleveland has made no indication as to whether it will trade Irving, but either way it's going to be the top storyline of the NBA over the next couple of months.

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