Report: Lakers have reached out to Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom could be back in the yellow and purple.     (USATSI)
Lamar Odom could be back in the yellow and purple. (USATSI)

ESPN reports that the Lakers have interest in bringing back free agent Lamar Odom who spent seven seasons in Los Angeles, the most productive of his career. Reportedly the interest is mixed on both sides, but the idea itself is intriguing. 

Odom won two titles with the Lakers in 2009 and 2010, becoming a firmly established member of the team and the versatile connection to bridge the gap between Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. But Odom was traded in 2011 after the failed Chris Paul trade was rejected by the league (acting as ownership for the Hornets -- who are now the Pelicans; this is all very confusing). Odom was reportedly unhappy with being involved in the failed trade talks, and as a result, GM Mitch Kupchak moved him to Dallas for a conditional first-round pick. 

From there, things got bad. A series of personal and physical struggles in Dallas lead to his worst season and a complete disaster eventually causing the Mavericks to simply tell him to go away. An uninspired year with the Clippers last season did little to redeem his image, but if the Lakers are looking for cheap options to fill a gap, bringing back Odom will make the fans happy if nothing else. 

Maybe this is the kind of move that will spark Odom's spirit animal to be released and help him return to usefulness. Or maybe this is just a holdover move while the Lakers try to figure out what to do after Dwight Howard departed. Either way, it's a low risk move that would work well. 

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