Report: NBA files for five name trademarks for the Hornets

The Hornets might already reportedly be the Pelicans, but there's an official process here and the team is taking steps to change its name.

According to Milwaukee Bucks site Behind The Buck Pass, the NBA filed for five nickname trademarks for the New Orleans Hornets. Pelicans is one of them, but the other four are interesting.

  • New Orleans Mosquitos
  • New Orleans Swamp Dogs
  • New Orleans Bullsharks
  • New Orleans Rougarou

If Pelicans is indeed the name, I'd like to call Tom Benson and ask why in the world he didn't choose Rougarou. It sounds amazing, but check out what it actually is: "The term 'Rougarou’ refers to a beast from Louisiana folklore, a monster from oral traditions that varies -- depending on the tale -- from a werewolf-like blood-seeking beast to a boogeyman."

So that's awesome.

Pelicans has a strong connection to the state of Louisiana. The pelican is the state bird and was the name of a popular minor league baseball team from 1889 to 1959.

A swamp dog is a Cajun nickname for an alligator and sounds like an arena football team. Bullsharks are native to the Gulf of Mexico. And mosquitos, well, everybody has mosquitos, but more so in the Bayou.

It appears we already know the choice is Pelicans, but if there's still time to campaign for one of the other four, put me on Team Rougarou.

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