Report: NBA jersey advertising isn't happening, for now

Shocking: NBA owners couldn't agree on something, and that something is on how to share money.

Because of that, the plan to put a small advertising patch on team uniforms is dead. For now, a least, according to Uni Watch:

A little birdie tells me that the uni advertising plan is currently dead. DEAD! Why? I wish I could say it’s because of the #NoUniAds movement. That would be ideal, but it’s not the case. The real reason, however, has a delicious undercurrent of poetic justice: According to the little birdie, the uni advertising program is dead — DEAD! — because the owners couldn’t agree on how to share the profits.


Before everyone starts celebrating, there are two big caveats here:

1) My little birdie get(s) this info second-hand from an NBA source who is not an executive-level employee. So this news isn’t quite from the horse’s mouth. More like from a friend of the horse’s stablekeeper. Take that as you will. Personally, if I had to rate the reliability of this information on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d probably rate it as a 6.5, at least until I can get confirmation (which I’m trying to get, believe me).

2) Even if the info is 100% correct, it doesn’t mean the uni advertising plan is permanently kaput. It just means it’s dead for now. If the owners can find a way to equitably distribute their greed in a way that pleases everyone, the plan could be revived.

As Uni Watch smartly says, it's fun that a greedy plan for owners to make even more money fell apart because they couldn't figure out how to split the money.

It doesn't really have to do with the fact David Stern is personally against it.

“As a personal matter, I am not in favor of it, but I’m not standing in the way of it. If my board wants to do it, we’ll do it. … [NBA uniforms have] no information of the manufacturer and no sponsor, and that is something that I have worked hard to preserve for many decades. But I understand that the time may have to come to consider it. So we’re going to let the Board of Governors decide what to do.”

NBA owners have been crying poor for some time, which was the reason for the lockout last year. Owners say they're losing money, so they're trying to generate more revenue streams.

Ads on uniforms weren't likely to be installed for another year or two, but for now, it appears that plan is off. At least until billionaires can figure out how to share even more money.

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