Report: NBA legend Jerry West leaves Warriors to take adviser role with Clippers

Jerry West is one of the greatest minds in NBA history. Every team he's been a part of has seen success. He's largely credited for helping put the showtime Lakers together, forming the Kobe-Shaq duo, and has been a very important advisor to the Warriors when finding talent. It's no coincidence that Golden State formed the team they did with West around.

Now, West is off for a new challenge. He's heading back to Los Angeles but not to return to the Lakers. He's instead joining the Clippers of all teams. Yes, those Clippers.

West will be joining the Clippers in a similar advisement role that he's so far had with the Warriors. They will look to him for guidance as they try to continue the most success the franchise has ever seen. This is an incredible pull for a franchise that, before Blake Griffin and Chris Paul arrived, were considered the worst in all of sports. This is a new Clippers franchise.

If West can help turn the Clippers into a title contender that might be an even greater accomplishment than what he's done with Golden State. This is the classic second tier franchise. Always forgotten in comparison to the Lakers nobody has ever been able to take them seriously even with Paul and Griffin around. They've been so unsuccessful for so long that they're considered cursed. However, West has the clout and eye for talent to change that. If anybody can help make the Clippers into a real contender for the heart of Los Angeles it's him. 

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