Report: New Orleans Pelicans sign Josh Childress

Do the Pelicans have any room for Childress in the rotation? (USATSI)
Do the Pelicans have any room for Josh Childress in the rotation? (USATSI)

Josh Childress was a very solid rotation player in the NBA during his first four years in the league. The wing player for the Atlanta Hawks at the time was capable of taking and making smart shots on the floor and doing a little bit of everything. In a way to combat a restricted free agency process, Childress kicked aside the qualifying offer from the Hawks and played two seasons in Greece before coming back to the NBA. 

Ever since his comeback attempt to the NBA, he's struggled to regain the consistency he showed his first few years. Childress has had unsuccessful stints with the Phoenix Suns and Brooklyn Nets, but will give it another try with the New Orleans Pelicans, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. They reportedly signed the former Stanford standout to a deal on Tuesday.

With a perimeter attack that already includes Al-Farouq Aminu, Tyreke Evans, Eric GordonAnthony Morrow, and Austin Rivers, this is most likely just a way to add a little insurance to their wings at this point. The Pelicans are without Darius Miller, who is recovering from foot surgery, and could use a do-it-all option on the wing as a backup. Despite shooting just 28.6 percent from the field last season, Childress has a career field goal percentage of 52.2 percent.

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