Report: No players pulling out of Team USA after George injury

Team USA is sticking with the plan.  (USATSI)
Team USA is sticking with the plan. (USATSI)

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ESPN reports that no members of Team USA are expected to withdraw in the wake of Paul Geoge's traumatic injury last Friday

While there is undoubtedly heightened concern within the group after watching George suffer a horrendous compound leg fracture in Friday night's intrasquad scrimmage, sources told that various Team USA players have talked amongst themselves about the need to stay together, with showing support for George ranking as one of their primary motivations.

The remaining 19 players in contention for a spot on Team USA are standing behind Paul George and staying in the running, sources say.

"No one is pulling out," one source told over the weekend.

Added one general manager who has a player on the Team USA squad: "No one [on] this team wants to walk away because that would seem unfair to Paul. If there is any fallout from this injury, it may not be felt until the next time invites [for Team USA] go out."

via NBA players committed to Team USA - ESPN.

It would have been more surprising to see players overreact by leaving their contribution to the country due to a freak accident. Seeing what happened to George up close would rattle anyone. But the players accept that injuries are part of the game, even when they're as severe as what George stuffered. 

Damian Lillard went on record over the weekend to confirm he hadn't even considered the idea. The team has postponed cuts indefinitely, but will eventually have to close the roster to 12. How George's injury will affect those cuts remains to be seen. Adam Silver said Sunday that he doesn't expect major changes from the NBA toward its policies in regards to international competitions.

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