Report: Phoenix Suns would like to acquire Knicks' Iman Shumpert

Raise your hand if the Suns want to trade for you. Put your hands down, Emeka. (Getty Images)

The Phoenix Suns are reshuffling the entire organization as they transition from the Steve Nash era to the Michael Beasley era and then quickly to whatever era they can find next. When you're trying to rebuild your organization, you typically want to find young players you can groom, market, and build into core members of your future.

According to Yahoo Sports, one of those young players the Phoenix Suns are targeting is New York Knicks' guard Iman Shumpert.

As the Phoenix Suns try to reshuffle their roster for the future, their front office remains motivated to try to acquire New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Suns are willing to give New York a package that includes forward Jared Dudley and possibly a future first-round pick for Shumpert, but the Knicks have so far shown no inclination to do such a deal, sources said.

Here are a couple of obstacles in the way of this deal:

1) The contracts don't match up at all to complete a deal. The Knicks need to send out about $2.1 million in addition to Shumpert in order to get it to work. The options (realistic options that don't upset the core of the Knicks' rotation) could include Marcus Camby (although why would you want to take on two more years of his contract if you're Phoenix), or a combination of Kurt Thomas and either James White or Ronnie Brewer

2) "The Knicks have so far shown no inclination to do such a deal." That seems to be a big obstacle in completing a trade.

This actually puts the Knicks in an interesting situation. Jared Dudley is a much better player than Iman Shumpert and probably will be for the next two years. That's not a knock on Shumpert, necessarily. Dudley has just become a really good role player and Shumpert is still learning the ropes and tricks of the NBA. Factor in that Shumpert is just a few weeks removed from his first game back from an ACL tear and is working through the pains and limitations that occur in such a recovery.

Would they be willing to sacrifice a nice player in the future for more short-term success? Or do they believe in the development of Shumpert that much and think he's virtually untouchable? Also, how valuable could a future first-round pick from the Suns be if their rebuilding project fails when the protection on the pick goes away?

I'm not sure there is a correct answer here for any of those questions.

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