Report: Raptors interested in signing Vince Carter in free agency

Vince Carter was once a rookie with Toronto.   (USATSI)
Vince Carter was once a rookie with Toronto. (USATSI)

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ESPN reports that the Raptors could make a play this summer to bring unrestricted free agent Vince Carter "home" to the team he began his career with... and left in notorious fashion.

Word is that the Raptors have been kicking around the idea of making a free-agent play this summer to try to bring Vince Carter "home" by trying to sign the former face of the franchise away from the Mavericks.

Be advised that Carter has been very happy in Dallas these past three seasons. Very happy. He's emerged as the emotional leader of Dirk Nowitzki's team at this late stage of his career and, by all accounts, wants to re-sign with Dallas.

The Mavs, furthermore, are said to be just as interested in signing the 37-year-old to a new deal, especially after Carter capped his bargain three-year, $9 million pact with a a turn-back-the-clock series against the Spurs.

via Summer Scoop: Raptors' road ahead - Marc Stein Blog - ESPN.

Carter was booed for nearly a decade after leaving the Raptors in free agency after what many felt was a less than inspiring effort with Toronto. But from his time as part of a Finals-contender core in New Jersey to his newfound place as the veteran playmaker for Dallas, he's become a league fan favorite. 

For a team in Toronto that struggled  specifically with the veteran experience of the Nets, having Carter around would be a boon. And the retro coolness factor would certainly resonate with the team's resurgence in popularity. It's not a bad idea... if the Raptors can pry him away from Dallas. 

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