Report: Rockets officially file a protest of Friday's loss to Clippers

During the Rockets' loss to the Clippers Friday, Lou Williams was assessed a foul with 3:10 left in the fourth quarter. However, that foul should have actually been given to Los Angeles guard Jawun Evans. This would have led to Evans fouling out of the game, which means the Clippers technically played with a disqualified player.

At the time, Houston was down three points and ended up losing the game. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Rockets are filing a protest to the NBA in relation to the foul call, but it has not been made public yet.

The Rockets officially filed a protest of Friday's game in which a Los Angeles Clippers player should have been disqualified with 3:10 left, a person with knowledge of the protest said Sunday.

The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the move was not made public.

Clippers guard Jawun Evans committed a sixth foul, but it was incorrectly given to teammate Lou Williams. An NBA spokesman on Saturday confirmed that the league was aware of the error.

Protests like this are common, but they're rarely ever upheld. The last time the NBA ruled in favor of a protest was in 2008 when the the Hawks and Heat had to replay the final 51 seconds of a game where Shaquille O'Neal fouled out with five fouls instead of six.

If this protest is upheld then expect the Rockets to eventually replay the final minutes of their loss to the Clippers. That could go in their benefit and lead to a far better result, but players like Chris Paul wouldn't be allowed to play if they weren't active during the original game so it won't be a full advantage for Houston if they do end up being able to replay it. 

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