Report: Russell Westbrook hasn't given answer to Thunder's huge extension offer

Tuesday's Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade just added to what has already been one of the most action-packed NBA offseasons in recent memory. In addition to Irving and Thomas, we've seen All-Stars like Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler and Paul George change teams, while players like James Harden, John Wall and Stephen Curry have signed massive contracts, the likes of which the league has never seen.

Another player who's earned the right to sign a designated player extension is league MVP Russell Westbrook, and some are starting to wonder why he hasn't yet agreed to a deal that would pay him $207 million over the next five years. According to ESPN's Royce Young, the Thunder have made the offer, but he has yet to respond one way or the other. From Young:

The Thunder's offer is on the table, and has been for some time. As Thunder GM Sam Presti said in July, this isn't really a negotiation. Either Westbrook takes it, or he doesn't. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Westbrook hasn't delivered an official answer -- either a yes or a no. Though the chatter and anxiety might be steadily increasing, nothing has tangibly changed.

Young goes on to explain that there's virtually no downside to Westbrook turning down the offer this summer, aside from the anxiety and speculation it would create. He'll be eligible for the same contract next year, and would have more flexibility in the amount of years. If he signs the extension this summer it would be a minimum of five years, but if he waits until next summer he could take a shorter deal if he so desired.

The point is, OKC has to be getting nervous. After Kevin Durant famously left the team in 2016, Westbrook quickly signed an extension and said, "There's nowhere else I would rather be than Oklahoma City." But if that's the case, then why didn't he sign immediately this summer?

If Westbrook doesn't take the extension and instead plays out his current contract, he would join a free agent class that could potentially be riddled with superstars like DeMarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, Paul George, Chris Paul ... and LeBron James. With everything that's gone down this summer, one can only imagine the possibilities if all those guys hit the free agent market at the same time.

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