Report: Serge Ibaka won't be punished for groin hit on Griffin

The tone for a hectic and "gut-wrenching" Game 4 between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder was set early on when Blake Griffin went up for a shot against Serge Ibaka, only to be punched right in the groin area. It happened less than a minute into the game and wasn't called as a foul, despite being the one part of the anatomy that a lot of viewers cringed at seeing get hit. 

Despite the lack of a call or the motion of punching Griffin, Ibaka reportedly won't be punished for this hit, according to Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports. 

Ibaka's explanation for the hit after the game was that it wasn't intentional. He claimed that Kendrick Perkins pushed him from behind and it caused the motion that connected with Griffin's groin. When you look at the baseline replay angle, this makes a lot of sense as an explanation for the contact. Perkins certainly pushes Ibaka and it causes the blow. 

With the hit not being intentional or an actual punch thrown, not suspending or fining Ibaka is the correct move by the league. 

CBS Sports Writer

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