Report: Shelly Sterling wants to sell Clippers, but keep minority stake

Donald Sterling reportedly would like to transfer Clippers ownership to his wife, Shelly.
Donald Sterling reportedly would like to transfer Clippers ownership to his wife, Shelly (USATSI)

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Donald Sterling reportedly plans to authorize his wife, Shelly, to negotiate the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers. The plan, a source told the Los Angeles Times, would then be for Shelly to "retain a minority stake in the franchise, which could be worth more than $1 billion." 

The source said that Shelly Sterling has no interest in controlling the Clippers — and making decisions on players, coaches and basketball operations. She merely enjoys going to games, entertaining friends at Staples Center and being part of a franchise that she has co-owned for decades.

The NBA has maintained that it will continue the process of terminating the Clippers ownership, which would oust both Sterlings. A hearing is slated for June 3, and a three-quarters vote from the other 29 owners would remove them. 

While Donald and Shelly Sterling have publicly said they are separated, the league came to the conclusion in its investigation that the two were "inextricably intertwined."

The Times report states that "people familiar with the NBA's constitution and procedures" give the Sterling's latest proposal little chance of succeeding. Sports Illustrated's Michael McCann said that the move was made with litigation in mind, and reported that the league would not approve Shelly Sterling as a controlling owner.

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