Stephen Curry has changed nearly everything about basketball. This includes how kids see the game, how many fans of the NBA there are, how guards approach shooting and how defenses have to approach stopping him. He's also changed basketball business though. Particularly the shoe industry.

In a wide-ranging piece on the greatness of the Golden State Warriors guard's MVP season, ESPN shared this nugget regarding Curry's impact at Under Armour. Morgan Stanley research showed that Curry's Under Armour line has out-sold every shoe on the market, including LeBron James' (Nike), and nearly outsold Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant combined.

Steph Curry is big money. ESPN

That's just crazy.

Bear in mind this is a brand with almost no basketball imprint a few years ago. For Curry to make this big of an imprint, on his own, is just flat-out incredible. Curry is helping Under Armour change its entire outlook as a business, and making the brand a household name as the kids all across the world embrace Curry and start hoisting 35-footers in their Curry shoes.

For such a little guy, he's become a giant in professional sports.

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The Curry Under Armour line is popular. USATSI