Recently, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert said that he expected Kyrie Irving to be with the team during training camp, though it's kind of hard to see that happening at this point, especially with how hard the Cavs are working to find a deal. 

According to a report from Joe Vardon, a deal with the Phoenix Suns actually could have been agreed to already if the Suns were willing to give up Eric Bledsoe, Josh Jackson, and a first-round pick. However, the team is reluctant to deal Jackson, their first-round pick in this year's draft, and earlier in the offseason assured him he would not be traded. Via

Among the scenarios under consideration, LeBron James worked out with a number of stars in Las Vegas this past week, among them Eric Bledsoe, the Phoenix Suns guard who's been linked to numerous rumors as a possible target in a trade for Irving.

The Suns also own Miami's first-round pick, which is partially protected in 2018. That'd be the second box checked.

Cleveland also wants Josh Jackson, a 6-8 rookie drafted fourth overall by the Suns in June. Phoenix reportedly doesn't want to trade Jackson, and a source said the Suns told Devin Booker he would not be traded -- which would seem to put a serious hamper in this potential trade.

"If that deal (Bledsoe, Miami first rounder and Jackson) for Irving was there, it'd be done by now," a league source with knowledge of the Cavs' thinking told

While you have to imagine the Suns would be willing to part with Bledsoe and the first-round pick in exchange for Irving, it's understandable that they're hesitant to include Jackson as well. He was the No. 4 overall pick just a month ago, and they expect him to be a key part of their core moving forward. 

With Irving not including the Suns as one of his preferred destinations, and holding a player option for the 2019-20 season, dealing for the All-Star guard could very well end up being a two-year rental for the Suns. And with the team not in position to contend -- or even make the playoffs -- at this point in a stacked Western Conference, you can see why they wouldn't want to give up an important part of their rebuild just to be a little bit better for the next couple of seasons. 

Because in making that deal, it would be a very real possibility they look up in the summer of 2019 and have neither Irving nor Jackson on the roster, and essentially nothing to show for the trade in terms of playoff appearances.