Report: Teams exploring selling names of ticket holders on the court

Sports Business Journal reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miwaukee Bucks are exploring the idea of offering certain season ticket holders the right to have their names put on the court. 

Two NBA teams are awaiting league approval of a plan that would put the names of season-ticket holders on their playing floors.

The teams, Cleveland and Milwaukee, intend the plan as another benefit tied to their year-round membership and fan-loyalty clubs. Details are still being finalized and must be approved by the league, but the program would allow for the names of the season-ticket holders who are part of the loyalty clubs to be placed on the apron that surrounds the playing floor -- or possibly even on the playing floor itself.

One source said the Cavaliers are proposing to put the account holders’ names on the sideline aprons while the Bucks are considering putting the names near the half-court line on the playing floor. The locations are subject to change depending on league response to the proposal.

Neither league nor team officials would discuss the plans, pending their approval, but sources said that if allowed, the initiative could be in

The Cleveland Cavaliers hope to create a court-centered version of the idea of selling inscribed bricks, as the Mets have done outside Citi Field.

via For loyal fans, a spot on the floor? - SportsBusiness Daily | SportsBusiness Journal | SportsBusiness Daily Global.

... Really, guys?

I mean, look, I'm never going to begrudge anyone for making a living. And the Cavs and Bucks are certaily in markets where maximizing their profits is important. But with ticket prices where they are, and with the league looking at adding sponsorships to backboards and on jerseys, there's got to be a limit somewhere, right? 

We're reaching points where the league is just finding ways to put ads on everything. I'm waiting for player tattoos mandated in the next CBA. But that CBA part is a key element here. If the teams making more money off things like this cause a blemish on the visual part of the game, but give the owners a little more money to try and satiate what seems to be an endless hunger for cash, then I'm all for it. Unlikely, though. The'll want their cake and to put advertisements on it, too. 

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