Report: The Knicks aren't trading Carmelo Anthony, period

With Anthony wanting to test the free agent market, does it mean he wants to leave New York? (USATSI)
The Knicks aren't going to trade Carmelo Anthony. (USATSI)
The Knicks might've put together back-to-back 30-point wins, but the reality is they're still 5-13 and in a whole lot of trouble. 

And with Carmelo Anthony's free agency looming next summer, there are thoughts the Knicks might be best suited to just pull the plug early and attempt to sell high, getting something in return for their star. 

But nope. The Knicks aren't doing that, according to

If the Knicks do not turn around their season when Tyson Chandler returns from injury, you can expect the Anthony issue to become a monster heading toward the February trade deadline. Because if Anthony doesn’t think the Knicks are best for him over the next five years, he will make it an issue and possibly force a trade again if he thinks that would be best for him.

The Knicks, sources say, have zero intention of trading Anthony no matter what he says about next summer. Not only did owner Jim Dolan personally seal the deal to bring Anthony to New York, but the front office realizes it has one of the most talented players in the league and won’t be able to get fair value in return.

Melo has said he would like to be a free agent, which doesn't necessarily mean he wants to leave. There was also a recent rumor that Melo wanted out, but he denied that publicly. But if the Knicks felt he did, their best move, especially if this season gets washed out, is to cut their losses and try and get value back rather than hold on for nothing. There's no way to really know, though, and even with Anthony having his flaws, it's hard to put a star on your roster and stars are necessary in today's NBA

With Melo approaching 30, and his future as a winner severely in doubt, it would make sense for his eye to wander, especially when you look ahead at the Knicks' future. Still, Melo can make the most possible money by re-signing with the Knicks, and it's, well, the Knicks. Depending on how other rosters shake out, there will be a number of teams with the necessary cap space to add a max contract like Anthony's. The Lakers being the most notable. 

And though the Knicks can pay him the most, at this stage in his career winning is (probably) the most important thing is winning, so Melo has to ask himself, is New York the place most likely to give him that opportunity? 

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