The San Antonio Spurs are reportedly "fully engaged" in trade talks involving their superstar forward Kawhi Leonard, who has made it clear he's fed up with the franchise. And, apparently, it was a teammate who finally drove Leonard past his breaking point with the organization. 

According to a report from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the last straw for Leonard was the comment Tony Parker made comparing the two's injuries. Leonard, of course, played just nine games for the Spurs last season due to a mysterious quad injury. Parker, though, returned to play 55 games despite suffering a ruptured quad tendon during the 2016-17 postseason. 

In March, a frustrated Parker told the media that his injury was "a hundred times worse" than Leonard's. And per Wojnarowski's report, that was that with Leonard and the Spurs. 

Wojnarowski's full report:

"The last straw for him, I was told, was when Tony Parker made those comments about 'my quad injury was 100 times worse.' And if you remember, shortly after, Kawhi Leonard left San Antonio and didn't want to be a part of that media glare there, and did not come back until the season was over with."

Look, clearly it wasn't only this comment that made Leonard want to leave San Antonio. There was already plenty of frustration there between him and the organization over the handling of his injury. But if this is truly what drove him past the point of no return, the Spurs have to be furious. 

Yes, Parker was a great player there and a key member of many title teams. But at this point in his career, they'd take Leonard over Parker 100 times out of 100. There was simply no need for Parker to make that comment publicly.