Report: Warriors' Andrew Bogut looking to return on Saturday

Bogut has a target date for return. (Getty Images)

It's seemed like Warriors center Andrew Bogut hasn't been healthy in about five years. A litany of injuries has nagged at him and forced him to miss time, the most recent factor being a surgically repaired ankle.

Originally, the timetable had Bogut out for about a week, starting Nov. 8. Then that got extended. Then that got extended again. But according to Yahoo Sports, he has a target date for return, and it's Saturday against the Pacers.

Bogut is expected to practice Monday and, barring any setbacks during the week, he'll be set to return.

One thing to watch for even with a return, though, is if he'll be limited with his minutes. Before the shutdown, Bogut was being closely watched by the team, playing only 18.3 minutes per game.

Over the last three seasons, Bogut has missed 137 games. He was traded to the Warriors last season to help reform the team as a slower, more defensive-minded group. Golden State sent out Monta Ellis to get the big man but hasn't had the chance to really see how he impacts things for them.

They have done a solid job in this early season, though, going 8-6. But Bogut obviously is a major part of the plan and, assuming he returns somewhat healthy -- which is what this shutdown was supposed to ensure -- he's going to help an already-solid team quite a lot.

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