If Dwyane Wade is ever going to leave the Heat, it's going to happen this offseason. The Miami star is reportedly meeting with the Bucks, Nuggets, and Bulls in New York on Wednesday as teams try and pry him from Miami with a crowbar. Turns out the Heat have indeed secured a meeting with Wade later in the day, Yahoo reports. CBS Sports reported Tuesday that the Nuggets had made an offer to Wade, and ESPN reported the figure at two-years, $50 million.

The hang up for Denver is over a third year. They're not looking to commit long-term to Wade at age 34. Yahoo reports the Bulls are open to giving Wade a partial guarantee for the third year, but they can't offer the money Denver can in the two-year window. Chicago is trying to top Denver's $52 million with more money over three years but not all of it guaranteed, which leaves Wade with a serious quandary.

Dwyane Wade dunks at MSG
Dwyane Wade could fly away. USATSI

Meanwhile, Denver is unwilling to go to the third year, sources say, due to concerns over their long-term sustainability and where the core will be headed into 2018 when Denver is set to have substantial cap room.

The Nuggets are increasingly optimistic that Wade will seriously consider their offer, but there is lingering skepticism throughout the league that Wade actually leaves Miami, and there continues to be a belief that eventually, the Heat will cave and offer Wade the money he wants after all the sacrifices he's made throughout his career.

Wade averaged 19 points and 4.6 assists last season for Miami shooting 46 percent from the field in 73 games.