Reports: NBA lottery reform fails at Board of Governors vote

Sam Hinkie has to be pretty happy today.   (USATSI)
Sam Hinkie has to be pretty happy today. (USATSI)

Both Yahoo Sports and Grantland report that the proposed changes to the NBA draft lottery format to more evenly distribute the odds among the 14 non-playoff teams for top picks has failed in vote at the NBA's Board of Governors' meeting. 

So most likely this thing is coming back up again, whether at the February meetings at All-Star or next summer. Nearly all front offices have agreed there needs to be a change, just not this change. It's a huge break for the Sixers, who need this change to wait until after they get through at least another draft. 

It's extremely interesting that essentially the entire "Spurs" contingent, those teams lead by current or former members of that regime (San Antonio -- obviously, Oklahoma City, Utah, New Orleans, and Atlanta) voted against the change, with Orlando the lone hold out. 

The no vote means that for now, the odds remain the same. It also likely means that any sort of significant and dramatic change, like the "wheel" concept, would fail. The league's looking at a modification, a tweak, not wholesale change. 

And now, here's Sam Hinkie's reaction:

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