Rockets asking the media to vote for Howard and Harden for MVP

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Neither Dwight Howard nor James Harden have any chance of winning the MVP. 

But that's not stopping the Rockets from campaigning for them.

Here's their Howard propoganda material, playing up the tired Superman theme:

And here's Harden's, which you'll never believe it, plays off his fantastic beard:

The Rockets are obviously just trying to do their part in getting their two primary players the most attention possible, but oddly enough, both teams that have the two leading MVP candidates, have done nothing like this. Because, well, it's kind of weird. 

But the Rockets want to make sure their two stars feel they're getting the appreciation they deserve and while neither is going to win (or probably finish in the top five), that doesn't mean they don't have a shot at first-team All-NBA. Harden absolutely has cemented himself as one of the league's top two or three shooting guards, and Howard has long ruled as a top three center. 

MVP though? The longest of shots. But I'm sure a beard grooming kit and a Superman cape are all the media need to be entirely persuaded and ignore the superior seasons of Kevin Durant and LeBron James


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