The Warriors were supposed to be unbeatable on ring night. They ran through the playoffs last season with only a single loss and entered the season with expectations of doing it again. However, no matter how many runs Golden State went on, the Rockets were always able to fight back. Houston found the chance to win at the end and stole it from Golden State, spoiling the opening night at the Oracle with a 122-121 victory.

Part of why the Warriors weren't able to close it out at the end was due to the absence of Draymond Green. Late in the third quarter, Green left the game with a left knee strain. Golden State relies on Green for defense and his ability to create on offense. They weren't nothing without him, but they definitely could have used him late in the game.

Despite not having Green, the Warriors had a chance to seal it at the end with the final shot at the buzzer. Stephen Curry had a wide-open look from the wing on a shot he's made hundreds of times before. He missed it and in the ensuing chaos, Kevin Durant ended up with the ball. He pulled, he fired, he made the basket and it seemingly sent the Warriors home as winners. However, after replay review showed he was just a bit late and the shot did not count.

Just like that and the Rockets stole the season opener from the Warriors. Does any of this matter amidst a long 82 game season? No. It's Game 1 of 82 and by April all of this will be forgotten. However, it definitely gives fans a sense of excitement to start of the season when they see Goliath fall. It gives hope that maybe there is a chance to knock them off this season if luck falls their way.