Even professional basketball players mess up on the court sometimes. Houston Rockets' Christian Wood experienced that first hand when a pass during Monday night's game against the Charlotte Hornets did not exactly hit his intended target.

Wood was looking for teammate Josh Christopher at midcourt, but instead the pass missed him and hit a fan in the head. The fan was walking about three rows into the stands and, naturally, did not appear ready to receive a pass.

The fan seemed to be fine, despite taking a basketball to the head. Wood looked very worried as the ball hit her, but seemed relieved when he realized she was alright. 

After the game, Wood still felt guilty about his rouge pass and wanted to offer the fan something in an attempt to makeup for the likely headache she will have for a few days. He wrote on his Instagram story, "happens to the best of us, shaqtin .. courtside tix to any rocket game of her choice."

While it is a nice gesture, the game was in Charlotte so there is a good chance the person hit is actually a Hornets fan. Traveling to Houston just for free tickets may not be their first choice, but hey, you never know -- maybe they were a visiting fan.

Not only did Wood take the L on that misdirected pass, his team also took the L, losing to the Hornets, 123-99.