Rockets-Clippers fight: No penalties for Chris Paul, James Harden, Blake Griffin

Chris Paul and James Harden have avoided facing any kind of punishment from the NBA for their roles in a postgame kerfuffle involving several Rockets players trying to barge into the Clippers locker room following a loss to Los Angeles at Staples Center

Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, have both been suspended two games for the incident. According to the reports, Harden and Paul were referenced as peacemakers in the altercation trying to prevent the incident from escalating any further out of hand. Ariza and Green were seen as the main aggressors in the incident. 

Clippers star Blake Griffin will also avoid any punishment for his tangle with Rockets coach Mike D'Antoni during the game. 

D'Antoni accused Griffin of intentionally hitting him, which led to an altercation between him and Griffin. Later on, Griffin threw a ball off of Eric Gordon's back while trying to keep it in bounds.

If the investigating is accurate then it's not a surprise that Paul and Harden managed to escape punishment. The league clearly wanted to make a statement by suspending Green and Ariza. However, Griffin and D'Antoni both avoiding fines for their roles in the explosion of emotions that took place is a bit of a surprise. Also, what is Austin Rivers' role in all of this? He appeared to have had some comments that incensed the Rockets just as much as Griffin did, but he's gone unmentioned in the fallout aside from players wanting to "speak" with him.

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