Rockets' James Harden says Chandler Parsons will be missed

James Harden's going to miss Chandler Parsons.
James Harden's going to miss Chandler Parsons. (USATSI)

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A couple of days ago, Houston Rockets guard James Harden said some things that he maybe shouldn't have said: he's not worried about Houston losing Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik; he and Dwight Howard are the "cornerstones" of tne franchise; the other guys are "role players or pieces that complete our team." This came shortly after Howard said Parsons' departure "won't affect us at all."

Oooh! Bad blood! Drama! Let's have Parsons and the Dallas Mavericks play the Rockets on opening night!

I wonder if Harden will do add more fuel to the fire on social media.


So, maybe Harden just chose his words incorrectly, but didn't mean any harm. Maybe Howard, too, was just doing his best to stay positive and confident his team. Just like Parsons himself said.

It's all pretty silly. Everyone knows Houston will miss him, and everyone knows the remaining Rockets have to move on and appear optimistic about their chances. This storyline will be revisited when the Mavs meet Houston, and then it will go away.

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