James Harden's already impressive offensive arsenal may get even more expansive. 

Over the offseason, the Houston Rockets superstar has worked to add a one-legged, step-back 3-pointer to his game in order to continue to keep defenses on their toes. You can see Harden pull out the move at a recent Rico Hines run below: 

Harden has been in the NBA for over a decade, and at this point in his career he thinks it's imperative to continue to find ways to evolve. 

"I'm always trying to be creative," Harden said of adding new moves to his repertoire, via ESPN. "I'm always trying to get better -- at basketball, life, business-wise. I'm always trying to find ways to be impactful. With basketball, you have to be creative. This is my 11th year, and every single year I want to get better. I don't want to stay the same. You've got to find ways to keep growing." 

It's yet to be seen if Harden will actually use the one-legged shot in an NBA game, but his patented step-back 3 is already one of the deadliest moves in the league today, and he hopes that it lasts in league lore like other well-known go-to moves have. 

"You know how Mike [Jordan] has his fadeaway and Dirk [Nowitzki] has his one-leg and [Kareem Abdul-Jabbar] had the sky hook. I want my step-back to be one of those moves that last forever," Harden said. "So when I travel around the world and I see little kids that [say], 'Hey James, I got a step-back!' -- I love to see that. 

"It's me being a creator and me being an innovator and paving the way in basketball in my own way, doing it how I want to do it, and that's what it's all about. As a little kid playing in these parks, that's what I imagined. That's what I dreamed of. Now it's coming to reality, so it's pretty cool."  

Harden has led the NBA in scoring each of the last two seasons, and considering the fact that he is still searching for new ways to dominate defenses, it seems safe to say that he's not ready to relinquish his title as the league's best scorer.