Rockets pitched Melo with Jeremy Lin's number, Lin's not thrilled


What Melo looks like in No. 7.  (Houston Chronicle)
What Melo looks like in No. 7. (Houston Chronicle)

The Houston Rockets hosted Carmelo Anthony Wednesday morning as part of Melo's tour de free agency. As part of their presentation, they showed billboards with Melo in a Rockets jersey. Specifically, No.  7. 

Funny thing about that, though: Jeremy Lin is No. 7. 



Thing is, Lin would most likely have to be moved to make room for Melo. But to do this publicly, instead of just fabricating a number, is kind of an insult. Lin has a right to be upset. And if the Rockets don't land Anthony as a free agent, which is not the expectation, the Rockets may likely have to move Lin anyway. Because bringing him back after that is maybe even worse than the disrespect. 

This is like if your boss was hosting a potential new employee and showed them where they would work ... which is your office. Not cool, Rockets!

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