Rockets' Royce White taunts Kevin Durant on Twitter after Houston win

Royce isn't afraid to speak his mind. (USATSI)
Royce White isn't afraid to speak his mind. (USATSI)

At this point, we all know Houston Rockets rookie Royce White isn't afraid to speak his mind. He's especially not afraid to speak it when using Twitter. He's warred with his own organization over a healthy work environment at various times throughout the season. He's endured many Twitter conversations about why he believes his fight is so important, regardless of how it comes off to others.

After the Houston Rockets' 107-100 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 Wednesday night, he was happy to be quite vocal on Twitter once again. This time, he was taunting Thunder forward Kevin Durant, whose team has dropped two straight against the Rockets and could be in danger of a historic collapse the NBA has never seen.

A lot of the response toward White's tweets seemed to be that he isn't playing so he shouldn't be able to talk to Durant. This came from people who aren't playing in the game or in the NBA, which seems a little ironic. 

But while we know White isn't willing to change his personality for the greater good of peace for the team, someone might want him to tell him you don't poke the bear in the zoo. Kevin Durant is the second-best player on this planet and finding a way to give him extra motivation might not be the best plan of action. 

The Thunder are trying to avoid being the first team in NBA history to be up 3-0 in a series and end up losing that series. After a blowout win in Game 1, they struggled to close out the victory in Game 2 and barely snuck by with a victory in Game 3, which they played without Russell Westbrook. Since then, they've lost a close game to the Rockets in Game 4 and couldn't get anything going in Game 5 to give them any kind of momentum.

Game 6 is in Houston on Friday.

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