Rockets vs. Warriors: Draymond Green gets technical for shoving James Harden just one minute into Game 1

It didn't take long for the Western Conference finals to get physical. Barely one minute into Game 1 between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green was hit with a technical foul for shoving James Harden under the Rockets basket. 

After Harden got past Kevin Durant to score a bucket inside, Green took the ball out of the net and tried to get to the baseline to inbound it. Harden, though, was already there, and the two walked right into each other. There was nothing malicious going on, it was just two players being in the same space. 

At least, that's all it was until Green decided to take things to another level. Instead of just moving to the side of Harden, the Warriors forward shoved him in the face. He was immediately hit with a technical foul. 

A few minutes later, Green was called for a foul after hitting P.J. Tucker during a 3-point attempt, and was pretty demonstrative in his complaint. As the announcers noted, he was lucky not to have picked up his second technical. 

The Warriors need Green to play with passion, but when he goes overboard like this, it does more harm than good. 

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