Roger Federer is in awe hanging out with Michael Jordan

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer should feel in awe of no athlete at this point. Seventeen major titles, seventeen grand slams, tied for most Wimbledon victories ever at seven, and tied for most US Open titles ever at five (not open era), the guy has his own freaking career accomplishments Wikipedia page for crying out loud

And yet, even though it's not the first time for him, he's still in awe of hanging out with basketball's Greatest Of All Time, Michael Jordan: 

Like I said, not the first time these two have met:

And hey, MJ's a fan of Federer's as well

Still, Federer remains blown away by the presence of the guy who inspired the shoe company he's signed to. Do you realize how much athletic success is in that Twitter photo? That Twitter photo would destroy all other Twitter photos if placed into an athletic competition. So much winning.

Roger Federer and Michael Jordan, buddies.  (Twitter)
Roger Federer and Michael Jordan, buddies. (Twitter)

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