Rookie survey picks Jabari Parker as likely ROY, best career too

Rookies picked Jabari Parker as the likely Rookie of the Year winner.
Rookies picked Jabari Parker as the likely Rookie of the Year winner. (USATSI)

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Part of the fun of the NBA Rookie Photo Shoot -- aside from the impromptu dunk contests -- is finding out what the rookies think of each other. John Schuhmann of has a rookie survey he gives the new players and asks them to pick the rookie of the year, who will have the best career, who their favorite player is, who the funniest rookie is and much more. This year's rookie survey has the players glowing about the second pick in the draft.

Schuhmann released the results of the survey on Wednesday and the players overwhelmingly picked Jabari Parker of the Milwaukee Bucks to not only be named the Rookie of the Year for the 2014-15 season but to also have the top career. He received 52.8 percent of the vote for ROY with Doug McDermott and Andrew Wiggins as the second highest at 8.3 percent each. He also received 45.9 percent of the vote for having the best career with McDermott coming in second at 13.5 percent. Wiggins tied with Zach LaVine for fourth at 5.4 percent.

Who will be the 2014-15 Rookie of the Year?

1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee -- 52.8 percent

T-2: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 8.3 percent

Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 8.3 percent

T-4: Shabazz Napier, Miami -- 5.6 percent

Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia -- 5.6 percent

Elfrid Payton, Orlando -- 5.6 percent

Others receiving votes: Aaron Gordon, Orlando; Rodney Hood, Utah; Julius Randle, L.A. Lakers; Marcus Smart, Boston; T.J. Warren, Phoenix

Which rookie will have the best career?

1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee -- 45.9 percent

2: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 13.5 percent

3: T.J. Warren, Phoenix -- 8.1 percent

T-4: Zach LaVine, Minnesota -- 5.4 percent

Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 5.4 percent

Others receiving votes: Kyle Anderson, San Antonio; Cleanthony Early, New York; Joel Embiid, Philadelphia; Gary Harris, Denver; Rodney Hood, Utah; Mitch McGary, Oklahoma City; Johnny O'Bryant, Milwaukee; Noah Vonleh, Charlotte

It's hard to know if the players slighted Wiggins on the vote because they believe he'll still be on the Cleveland Cavaliers for the upcoming season so it will lessen his chance of winning the award, if he'll be on the Minnesota Timberwolves due to a Kevin Love trade but will struggle in his first year, or simply because they think Parker is a better player. Wiggins wasn't even picked by the rookies as the most athletic rookie either. LaVine won that with 56.6 percent of the vote and Wiggins coming in second at 30.3 percent.

Other interesting results of the survey were Kyle Anderson of the San Antonio Spurs being voted as the most overlooked player (11.1 percent), Doug McDermott (39.5 percent) over Nik Stauskas (26.3 percent) as the top shooter, K.J. McDaniels and Marcus Smart sharing the honors as the top defender (13.5 percent), Tyler Ennis as the top playmaker (24.3 percent), Joel Embiid as the funniest rookie (20.0 percent), and Kevin Durant (25.0 percent) over Kobe Bryant (19.4 percent) and LeBron James (12.5 percent) as their favorite player. 

Some other notable votes in the "favorite player category" were Giannis AntetokounmpoMonta Ellis, and Jamal Crawford.

The biggest adjustment to the NBA was the speed and pace of the game getting 24.3 percent of the vote.

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