Russell Westbrook won his first MVP award Monday night after averaging a triple-double this season. But the guard won't have too much time to enjoy the moment with the free agency period is fast approaching. There is talk that the Thunder plan to offer Westbrook an extension at midnight on July 1.

If there was ever a time to commit to a single place long-term this felt like the moment, but Westbrook told reporters that a new contract wasn't on his mind at the moment. He just wanted to enjoy the evening.


This isn't the first time Westbrook has declined to committed on his future. In April he said that he hadn't even thought about an extension. However, in an article on Westbrook's MVP win, ESPN mentioned that those close to him expect the 28-year-old to sign the extension once it's offered.

Those close to Westbrook fully expect him to take the Thunder's offer, quite possibly at 12:01 a.m., and stabilize the franchise and present a clear road map. Westbrook signed an extension last summer and invoked the word "loyalty" for a reason. He wanted to make a statement -- a public declaration -- and take on the burden of leading the franchise forward.  

However, if Westbrook chooses not to take the extension then Oklahoma City might go the trade route to avoid another Kevin Durant situation.

It's hard to say what Westbrook will do, but let's take him for his word that the extension was the last thing on his mind during Monday's award ceremony. He had just won MVP and given a very emotional speech. It's hard to believe he was thinking about his contract.