Russell Westbrook is serious about goal tending dead-ball shots

Maybe it was Kevin Garnett who made it a common practice to goal tend shots after the whistle in order to keep those shots from going in and giving his opponents the confidence of seeing the shots go into the hoop. Regardless of who made it a trend in the NBA, it's now pretty commonplace to see a shot after the whistle get knocked away by just about anybody on the opposing team. Some players are just more determined to do it than anybody else.

During the fourth quarter of the Indiana Pacers' game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, we were headed to a timeout when Paul George took a 3-point attempt as teams were walking to their respective huddles. Russell Westbrook flew into the picture and kept the ball from meeting the basket with a monster goal tend. The block went back out to the perimeter where George Hill decided to try his luck at the carnival game and take an outside shot of his own.

Westbrook came flying back from the other side of the hoop this time, messed with the rim and net while getting to the shot, and goal tended back-to-back dead ball shots. He even fell to the ground after the second one as he couldn't regain his balance on the landing. 

He's infamous in Denver for goal tended two different half court attempts by Rocky the Nuggets' mascot last season, which kept the fans from getting free queso. No word yet on what kind of dipping sauce the Pacers' fans would have received had these dead-ball attempts had gone in.

Let Westbrook be Westbrook!

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