The "James Harden watch" is still a go, and fans are anxiously awaiting to see where he will land for next season, if he doesn't finish the year in Houston. Harden, who has reportedly asked to be traded, has a short list of places he is reportedly interested in and the Milwaukee Bucks have been added to that list, along with the Heat, 76ers and Nets.

David Samson takes a look at how Harden's decision could impact other players and teams on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

He said it could influence Giannis Antetokounmpo's choice of whether to take a max deal with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Antetokounmpo said right now he is not focused on looking at that supermax deal, but Samson says no player who claims that is telling the truth.

He said Antetokounmpo is likely questioning, "Am I gonna get enough players around me? Because I want rings." Acquiring Harden could make that choice easier.

Samson continues to predict his questioning, saying the Greek Freak is pondering, "Do I want to be a Buck for the next five years? Or do I not. Or do I want to believe that the Bucks will surround me with enough good players, enough good shooters?"

"Giannis is so focused on that, but he's already made his decision. There's not a negotiation that's going on, either the Bucks will give him the supermax or they won't, it's not that Giannis is gonna settle for less money," Samson continues.

The podcast host also advises Antetokounmpo on how to go about addressing the fans.

"Don't tell your fans that you're not focused on that, because it's the only thing you should be focused on. Because people in Milwaukee are sitting on a razors edge right now, wondering what's going to happen to our Bucks," he said.

Milwaukee hasn't won a championship in decades so "of course the Bucks fans are nervous."