On Thursday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," host David Samson discussed a now deleted tweet from LeBron James. After the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, the former Minneapolis police officer found guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, James reacted to another police shooting. After a police officer was seen on video shooting and killing a young girl of color, James tweeted "You're next" with a photo of the officer.

Samson's word of the day was accountability, saying, "A word thrown around by LeBron James in a deleted tweet. I thought that it would be important to discuss LeBron James and what his role is in this new ever changing world where athletes are not shutting up and dribbling, where athletes are taking their platform and using it to effectuate change, to point out injustice and to actually attempt to change narratives."

Samson says when moments go viral you comment on it because you don't want to miss it and while you're trying to use your platform, you may not have looked as closely at the information as you could've.

The podcast host wonders who James listens to in these situations and if he came to the conclusion to delete the tweet on his own or if someone instructed him to do so.

Samson says in his view James deleted his tweet because when you tweet that you mean "you are next to be murdered," but maybe what he meant was you are next to be tried and go to prison. "Doesn't matter what he meant," Samson explains, saying it was received one way by many people.

James posted a follow-up tweet, which Samson said was a reasonable thing to say, but wishes he took the moment to speak more about self accountability.

"With his fame and fortune has to come a level of accountability that he wants to impose on others, that must be imposed on him too." What I was hoping LeBron was gonna do was to use his deleted tweet to tell people about self accountability," Samson said. "That's what I would've said to him as president of the Lakers. Say that even though you are LeBron James you are normal. 

James' has millions of followers and Samson says the NBA champion will only continue to get better and better with his platform.

"LeBron is smart enough to know that the power he has is endless ... he is that type of athlete" and it will continue long after he stops playing Samson says.