San Francisco-bound Warriors reveal new Oakland-themed Nike jerseys

The Warriors have always chosen to represent themselves as the Bay Area rather than a lone city. They're not just a team from San Francisco or Oakland, but one for everybody. However, their current arena is in Oakland while they build a new home in San Francisco that is set to open in 2019.

This doesn't mean the Warriors have forgotten Oakland, though. They might be moving across the bridge, but they still plan to represent the entire bay. One of those ways is with their new Nike alternate jerseys meant to represent the city of Oakland. The Athletic has an exclusive look at it, but the jersey itself is out for everybody to see.

The jersey itself is interesting. There's no blue to speak of despite that playing a very prominent role in the Warriors main color scheme. Instead they've opted to go with a black, almost charcoal, main color scheme with a white font surrounding the circular logo. Meanwhile, to add a little color to this, they're using yellow on the collar, Nike swish, and ad patch to brighten it up.

These jerseys are fine. They're not the best in their collection, but they're far better than the black sleeved jerseys they've been wearing the past few years. It's also cool to see them give the city of Oakland their own jersey that they can call their own.

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