Season opener for Sacramento Kings will be commercial free

When you see McLemore play for the Kings on opening night, you won't see commercials. (USATSI)
When you see Ben McLemore play for the Kings on opening night, you won't see commercials. (USATSI)

Earlier this year, it looked like the Sacramento Kings were headed to Seattle to be rebranded as the new Seattle SuperSonics. Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer had come to terms on a purchase agreement with the Maloof family and were going to immediately file for relocation. After an incredible grassroots effort by the fans and some heavy hitters teaming up with Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, they managed to earn the trust of the NBA and its owners to buy the team instead and keep the team in Sacramento.

On Oct. 30, the Kings will kick off their season opener at home against the Denver Nuggets and as a celebration of the successful effort to keep the Kings in Sacramento, the local ABC affiliate News10 will broadcast the game without commercials as they keep their eyes on Sacramento, the fans, and the atmosphere that is sure to delight all of those who worked so hard to keep the team in town. From the Kings:

The Sacramento Kings announced today that local ABC affiliate News10 will once again join the team as a broadcast partner for the 2013-14 season, carrying 11 over-the-air Kings telecasts.

Returning for a third time after partnering with the Kings in 2006-07 and 2012-13, News10 will begin coverage this season with a commercially uninterrupted broadcast of the “Long Live the Kings” Home Opener on Oct. 30 versus the Denver Nuggets.

“No one was more excited than we were about the decision to keep the Kings in Sacramento," News10 General Manager Maria Barrs said. “This is a pivotal year, and a commercial-free opening game is a great chance for fans to tune-in and rediscover why Kings basketball is so exciting and so important to this community."

"News10 has been a loyal and valuable partner for us, and we look forward to working with them again this year," said Sacramento Kings President Chris Granger. "We are excited to offer the home opener commercial-free, and give our wonderful fans a peek into the arena experience on what is certain to be a special night."

A lot of the FIBA games you can watch this summer are often presented without commercials in online streams. When there is a break in the action that would normally result in a cut to commercials during most telecasts, you instead see shots of replays and the fans attending the game. Since it's a celebration of NBA basketball staying in Sacramento, I imagine you'll see a lot of presentations on the video board and on the court to those who helped keep the team in Sacramento.

Overall, it's a pretty cool way to have a night to praise Kings fans for the hard work and dedication to Kings basketball remaining in town. 

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