The Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the San Antonio Spurs 117-109 on Thursday behind a terrific 30-point performance from Kevin Love. Ironically, a Seinfeld episode predicted the exact same final score between the two teams back in 1991.

In the episode, Jerry awoke in the middle night and had scribbled down an idea on a piece of paper. However, when he woke up the next morning, he was unable to read what he had written down.

Jerry, George, and Kramer went to a holistic healer because George thought he was having a heart attack. While the trio was visiting with the healer, Jerry asked him to read what he had scribbled on the piece of paper and the healer said "Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109."

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Of course, that ended up being the final score when the Cavaliers and Spurs played on Thursday evening.

Love's 30 points came on 11-of-24 shooting while also securing 17 rebounds, a quality night for the five-time All-Star who is the subject of swirling trade talk.  Second-year guard Collin Sexton added 28 points for the Cavs in the win.

While it's obviously just a coincidence, it's definitely wild that this particular episode correctly predicted the final score 28 years later.