As the NBA grapples with how to navigate a season during a global pandemic without a bubble in place, there are multiple players in the league who are testing positive again for COVID-19 after previously already contracting the virus, ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Zach Lowe. This is just the latest concern for the league after having to postpone now four games in the past week due to multiple outbreaks on several teams, including the Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics game previously scheduled for Wednesday.

It's unclear how long immunity lasts for a person who has previously tested positive for coronavirus, as the CDC says that reinfections are to be expected, but considered rare. It's unknown which players have tested positive again for the virus, as that information is confidential per HIPAA regulations, but some players who have previously known to have tested positive for the virus, like Kevin Durant and Bam Adebayo, have been placed in isolation this season out of precaution based on a possible close contact with someone who has the virus. 

Since last summer, the NBA has reported over 100 positive COVID-19 tests in the league, according to ESPN, and that number is expected to be higher since teams weren't testing players during the entirety of the three-month hiatus from March to June. There is also reportedly some concern regarding how many players actually had the virus early on in the pandemic, as there were more reported false positives as testing wasn't as widely available or reliable. If there were players who registered a false positive test early on in the pandemic, and then tested positive again recently, it's possible that this would be their first time contracting the virus.

If anything, all of the information the NBA is dealing with just magnifies how much we still don't know about how this virus operates.