Shot clocks malfunction in Game 1 between Raptors and Nets

In the third quarter of Game 1 between the Raptors and Nets, time stood still. 

Because of a malfuction with the 24-second shot clocks, the two teams were forced to continue to play without any visible indication of how much time was remaining. 

After a lengthy delay, the decision was to continue play without the 24-second clocks, instead relying on a stopwatch -- seriously -- and the public address announcer would call out "24" on the change of possession and then say "10" at 10 seconds remaining and finally, count down from five. Then when the buzzer was supposed to sound, he would say "horn."


Play continued with the verbal cues from the announcer. But if there were to be a need to review a shot coming at the buzzer of the 24-second clock, there really was no way to do it. So really, the malfunction had quite the impact on the game.

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