Silver says NBA will 'take a fresh look' at changing playoff format

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Adam Silver is open to changing the playoff format. (USATSI)

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Adam Silver has been open to change in the NBA so far in his young tenure as commissioner. One of which might include the postseason format.

This season, while tanking has dominated a lot of the conversation, another talking point has been how miserable the Eastern Conference has been, with the possibility to have two sub-.500 teams in the postseason. While on the other hand, there will be a Western team with possibly 50 wins to miss the postseason, and another over .500 that is guaranteed to be out. 

Because of it, Silver said recently he's open to take a "fresh look" at restructuring the playoff format to make sure the best teams are included. 

Via the San Antonio-Express News:

Conducting an in-game interview with Spurs broadcasters Bill Land and Sean Elliott during the telecast of Friday's Spurs-Suns game at AT&T Center, Silver said the league needs to consider changes to the format that puts the top eight teams in each conference in the playoffs.


“I don't know that there will be movement,” Silver said about changing the format. “My initial thought is we will take a fresh look at it. When these conferences were designed it was in the day of commercial (air) travel. It was very different moving teams around the country.

“In this day and age when every team is flying charter it changes everything. It's one of the reasons we moved back to the 2-2-1-1-1 format for this year's Finals.”

Making the change might be easier said than done, as conferences and divisions are pretty engrained into the NBA format. To just take the 16 best records seems like an easy fix, but that would require eliminating conferences, or at least completely readjusting them.

For instance, if you just scrapped the conferences, you could potentially eliminate the possibility of a LeBron-Durant NBA Finals. East versus West is an institution in the NBA, so there would have to be a way to still have that while making sure the best teams make the postseason. 

Still, Silver has maintained he's open to looking at every league issue and he's definitely a big idea kind of person. So maybe he'll have a bright one.


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