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Earlier in October, all six of the Chicago Bulls' championship rings hit the auction block. The rings belonged to longtime Bulls security guard John Capps, who worked for the franchise for 52 years until his death in 2018.  Capps' close friendship with Michael Jordan was documented in ESPN's "The Last Dance" documentary series that aired earlier this year.

On Thursday, the rings sold for a combined value of $255,840.

The championship rings are from the 1991-93 run and 1996-98 seasons. They were individually auctioned off by Huggins & Scott Auctions. TMZ Sports reported that the last time all six were up for auction, they were collectively valued at $300,000.

The 1997 and 1998 rings were the highest sellers, as each one earned $40,000 on the auction block. The 1992 ring sold for $39,000, the 1993 ring sold for $37,000, the 1991 ring sold for $32,000 and the 1996 ring earned $20,000 on the open market.

Capps was a big deal to the Bulls organization and its players -- specifically Jordan. Earlier this year, Bulls legends Scottie Pippen and Steve Kerr revealed that Jordan and Capps would bet on the jumbotron races during games... even though the team could tell both parties the outcome of the races ahead of time.