Sixers-Celtics: Thad Young, Elton Brand say they will play in Game 2

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Elton Brand (neck) and Thaddeus Young (ankle) both said they will play in Game 2 vs. the Boston Celtics Monday night. Brand has had a lingering neck injury for about a week; Young injured his leg in the Sixers' Game 1 loss. 

Both being banged up is significant for the Sixers. Brand has to do a better job combatting Kevin Garnett both in the post and on the pick and pop, and Young came in and had a big impact in the first half for the Sixers before leaving after a kick to the shin that also rolled his ankle. The Celtics don't have an athletic big to guard Young, so he's able to maneuver in space and attack the rim. Brand, on the other hand, has to somehow take away the bone-crushing pain of Kevin Garnett's en fuego offense.

The impact of both being injured is something to watch in Game 2.

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