Sixers' Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons see 'a lot of rings' in future despite playoff exit

The Boston Celtics dispatched the Philadelphia 76ers from the playoff picture Wednesday, but Philly stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons remained extremely optimistic after the Game 5 loss in Boston as both discussed the opportunity to win rings (plural) together with the Sixers.

"Me and Ben have a lot of room to grow," Embiid said. "I was thinking about it, just looking at [Kevin Durant] and [Russell] Westbrook, what they did the first season together, I think they won 28 games. ... Looking at what we did, we have a bright future. [Simmons] came up to me, showed me his hands, and said there's going to be a lot of rings. I was like, for sure. We have a bright future."

Embiid's running mate, Simmons, weighed in after the disappointing loss and echoed a similar sentiment of his big man.

"I'm just learning, this is just the start for me, I have a long way to go," Simmons said. "So, second series and I'm learning, there's a lot of things I learned this series that I didn't against Miami so that makes me a better player, so I'm grateful for those opportunities."

The Sixers' playoff exit is surely stinging, especially to an equally green Celtics team, but it doesn't appear as if Philly is going anywhere anytime soon. They have a young, productive core led by Embiid and Simmons, plenty of cap space to add to a talented roster this offseason, and draft capital to help firm up the roster with more youthful talent. So this run may be the start of something bigger for Philly.

"The feeling right now is I didn't want to be done," Simmons said. "I feel like I had a lot more to go."

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