Well that didn't last long.

After one year of experimenting with a twin towers lineup featuring Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel, the Philadelphia 76ers have come to the conclusion that the two young big men simply don't mesh on the court together. According to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sixers are looking to trade either Okafor or Noel.

The Sixers have had periodic trade talks this summer involving Noel and Okafor and plan eventually to move one of them, league sources said. Philadelphia doesn't believe the two players' talents are complementary.

This is not that surprising of news as both players have been involved in trade rumors since last season. Noel was even rumored to be on the move right before June's draft and Okafor is also no stranger to trade rumors.

What is surprising, however, is that neither Noel nor Okafor has yet to be traded despite all of the rumors and reports. You would think that with the 76ers being so open in reports about their desire to trade one of their young, talented big men that they would've actually made a move by now. Both guys are also solid players that are still developing their game and would be a nice addition to teams needing a big man.

The Sixers must have a high asking price for both players, which is prudent considering that both players were high draft picks. Yet with Joel Embiid and Dario Saric set to play next season, Philly has a logjam in the frontcourt and will need to deal one of them sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the team could start the season off with more problems in their frontcourt than needed.