Philadelphia 76ers rookie Matisse Thybulle made about the biggest mistake you can make. No, it was not anything on the court ... he got the team's order at Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A wrong before heading on the road. Brutal.

Forward Tobias Harris did not let Thybulle off the hook and recorded the misplaced order chaos on his Instagram story.

The players were on a plane headed to Dallas for their game against the Mavericks on Saturday and absolutely roasted the 22-year-old rookie on his ability to place a food order.

The team circled around the less-than-sufficient order and called him out for only getting six biscuits for 20 people. That really was criminal. Everyone knows to get extra biscuits. 

When they realized the gravity of the situation -- having limited food for the rest of the trip thanks to the rook's slip up -- Kyle O'Quinn asked if anyone needed a bite of his biscuit. It appeared the team was now forced to ration their food. 

Getting desperate, players raised their hand to get in line for the bite. 

In an attempt to cover up his mistake, Thybulle said, "Nobody asks, nobody even asked! Did you ask for one?" 

It was a rookie mistake, no pun intended.

Harris did not let the issue go and asked, "But guess what? Where's the Popeyes fries at?"

Thybulle laughed and gave quite a fantastic answer: "They're at Popeyes!" I mean, he's wasn't wrong. 

"So you're only gonna get Chick-Fil-A fries, huh?" Harris asked, further questioning his decision-making skills. 

I can only hope that the plane had some extra snacks so the NBA team, fresh off their win over the Boston Celtics, did not have to go without enough food.